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Circular Economy​

"From finite mining to infinite industry"

Founding principle of UBE Industries, Ltd.

Our actions

The Circular Economy model is based on producing and consuming in a sustainable way, with the aim of providing solutions to the scarcity of resources and giving new life to waste.

For UBE, sustainability has always been in our DNA, and we adapt its meaning and actions to the time and the needs of society at that moment.

Life cycle

From the finite to the infinite

The knowledge about the life cycle of the products we manufacture is an essential work in driving the circular economy.

We need to drive, develop and collaborate on action points geared to reducing consumption of the resources that UBE and our value chain require in our productions, while increasing the uses for these productions once their useful life, for which they have been put on the market, comes to an end.

From the beginning

Renewal Origin Source

  • Bio-based raw materials, replacing petroleum derivatives by renewable source primary materials, not in competition with either human or animal food, which avoids desertification and minimizes their environmental impact, including waste resources (Recyclability).
  • Use of green energy sources

During the process

During the whole manufacturing process, logistics and use

Application of the best available technologies (BAT) of manufacturing and energy efficiency, minimizing resources, emissions and waste.

To the end


We seek to give new life cycles to waste, particularly to plastics, with the aim not only of reducing them to a minimum but also of converting them into resources. In this way, the products are kept within the economy, being used over again, thus encouraging sustainability.


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