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Health & Safety

We continuously assess our safety performance and establish strategic plans to improve our results and maintain them over time.

Our commitment

To maintain the safety and health of our employees and contractors, promoting consultation and participation.

Key points

Having intrinsically safe facilities and maintaining them appropriately.

Developing and continually improving our safety management system.

Focusing on human and organizational factors.

Occupational Safety and Health

Ensuring safe working conditions is our priority in all our areas and activities.

Using proactive tools to identify hazards, assessing and mitigating risks.

Having up-to-date training programs and using new technologies such as the virtual reality simulator and our own e-learning platform.

Reporting all incidents and learning from them to prevent their recurrence.

Consulting our workers and encouraging their participation in safety through various forums.

Leading by example. Recognition for dedication to occupational health and safety

Reconocimientos a la dedicación a la seguridad y salud laboral

Thank you for paying attention at all times, safety involves all of us

Our CSR book “Thank you for paying attention at all times, safety involves all of us” won “Best Social Communication” in 2013 at PUBLIFESTIVAL, the International Social Publicity Festival.

FEIQUE, the Spanish Chemical Industry Federation

Award to the chemicals company with more than 300 workers which, throughout the year, has obtained a zero frequency index, i.e., has not suffered any Lost Time Accident during 2019.

Llum Prizes

UBE CORPORATION EUROPE, S.A.U., LLum 2020 award in the “Trayectoria Empresa Segura” (Safe Company Record) category.

Process safety

We design, operate and maintain our facilities to prevent and mitigate the consequences of industrial accidents.


  • Education and training.
  • Mechanical integrity program.
  • Change management.
  • Alarm management, interlocks and process monitoring.
  • PHA and SIL assignment studies in all processes.
  • Risk-based equipment inspection.


  • Containment systems.
  • Detection and alarm systems.
  • Fire protection and leak abatement means.
  • Self-protection plan.

Excellence in safety

  • IPSG members.
  • CCPS-based KPIs.
  • Process Safety Management audits.

UBE Healthy

We understand that our Company’s future is linked to the health of our employees and their families, which motivates us to take action to safeguard their health.

Investment in the future

  • Reduction of accident rates and absenteeism.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Increased employee motivation and commitment.
  • Improved social relations and working environment.

We undertake actions in all three health areas (mental, social and physical) involving workers as agents in their own health.

We encourage actions for adoption of a more active and healthy way of life: physical activity, healthy eating, eradication of smoking, disease prevention…

We care for mental health by favoring environments and conditions that promote participation, autonomy and communication. We provide programs and tools for employees to manage their mental health in the workplace and in their personal life.

We promote actions with our employees, beyond labor relations, that generate positive impacts for them, their families and society as a whole (relating to the environment in which we operate, social action, social benefits).


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