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Ube Machinery Corporation to Expand Assembly Facility in Michigan (USA)


Ube Industries, Ltd.

Ube Machinery Corporation, Ltd.,

TOKYO, January 25, 2018 — Ube Industries, Ltd. today announced that its consolidated subsidiary and centerpiece in the UBE Group’s machinery business, Ube Machinery Corporation, Ltd., has decided to expand the assembly facility for injection molding machines operated by its American subsidiary, UBE Machinery Inc., based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

UBE Machinery Inc. has been working to expand its product lineup and increase sales since the launch of U-MHI Platech Co., Ltd. in January 2017. U-MHI Platech was created out of the merger of UBE’s North American injection molding machinery business with that of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

The expansion of the assembly facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan, will double its annual capacity for assembling large injection molding machines. The expansion project will commence in January 2018, for completion in September 2018, and will meet strong demand for large hydraulic servo injection molding machines with a small footprint that are used to manufacture automotive parts primarily for U.S.-based companies. The move will solidify UBE’s position as the leading Japanese manufacturer of large injection molding machines in the U.S. market.

In conjunction with the plant expansion, the facility will implement improvements to increase production efficiency and expand its rebuilding services for customers seeking to rebuild older machines with upgraded high-efficiency control units and hydraulic components.

UBE Machinery Inc. will continue working to increase customer satisfaction through its manufacturing, sales, and servicing operations, including by expanding its network of servicing offices.

Data for UBE Machinery Inc.

  1. Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
  2. Business Description: Manufacturing, assembly, sales, servicing and maintenance of molding machines
  3. Established: September 1992
  4. Capital Stock: US$17 million
  5. Shareholder: Ube Machinery Corporation, Ltd. (100%)


  1. President: Ichiro Motoki
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